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Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. is proud to introduce a program that offers you a chance to celebrate your passion and make your mark at Summerfest permanently! Secure your place in Summerfest music history! Perfect for fans, families, friends, organizations, special dedications or celebrating a special event or memory, your paver will be inscribed with your personal message or tribute. Pavers will be placed in a new area that has been created as part of the South End Renovation Project: "Beat Street Plaza", located just inside the new South Gate.
Additionally, replica pavers are available for purchase with each order; perfect for displaying in your home, office or lobby. The replica paver is made of the same material and includes the exact message inscribed on your installed paver at Henry Maier Festival Park. All replicas include a plaque commemorating your place in Summerfest history and an official Certificate of Recognition/Purchase.

If you have already purchased a paver and would like to purchase a replica, please call 1-855-FEST-PVR (855-337-8787).
For International orders to be shipped outside the 48 contiguous states, please call 1-855-FEST-PVR (337-8787) to speak with a customer service representative.
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