EMU Championship Building Brick Campaign

More than 168 years ago, the founders of Eastern Michigan University laid the foundation for this excellent institution, brick by brick. Today, we welcome you to become a part of EMU history at the Student-Athlete Performance Center!

Represent your legacy with an EMU Brick engraved with your own personalized message. Bricks will be featured on the Champions Plaza outside the Student-Athlete Performance Center. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of Eastern Michigan University history today.

All images are conceptual renderings and are subject to change based on final architectural design. Available quantity limited, so act now to secure your place in EMU history!




We would love to hear your story! Share with us the meaning behind your brick inscription, why you bought your brick, or what this program means to you.

You can also share a photo of yourself, the person you are honoring, or your favorite memory! Your stories and photos can become a part of history that will never be forgotten.


PT Muldoon July 14, 2017

…The why of the brick campaign is simple for me.... I see this as a chance to pay forward the great opportunity I was afforded here as a student athlete. It's also a chance for members of my family to come here and see a tangible reminder that we are part of EMU and its rich traditions. Like the bricks that mark the way into our amazing new complex, I am simply a small part, alone one brick is hardly recognizable, but together with others we combine to become a path to the future of this amazing University and the hopes and dreams of all who carry on our rich traditions here!!!